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Office Metal Partition is based in NYC. We specialize in custom metal office partitions, sliding, and swinging doors. We are proud to serve New York, NJ, and Connecticut.

Office Metal Partition is the number one office partition company in the NYC area, and a rising force in the expansive American market. Call us today for more information.

Many companies — from owners to office managers to building supervisors — often make the wrong decision when it comes to buying office metal partitions. They decide that not much planning is required, that working with a designer or interior construction specialist is not worth the expense or time, and instead call the first used office furniture store they can find, and buy a truck load of used desks, chairs, file cabinets, and mismatched modular wall systems that cannot be accessorized and do not fit their flooring or other decor. As a result, businesses may end up paying more in the long run to dispose of furnishings ill-suited for their needs, and replacing them with something else.

At Office Metal Partition, we have a better solution when it comes to buying office metal partitions. Instead of falling victim to office decor faux pas, our products are designed with flexibility in mind. Made from steel and other materials from recycled sources, our office partition comes in a variety of dimensions and coverings to seamlessly blend into your office or home style as well as furniture systems from other manufacturers.

If your office space needs custom metal partition that are stylish with different surface materials and colours, no company offers more options than Office Metal Partition. Panels can be glass, laminate, veneer, tack boards, and whiteboards. Colours and finishes can be customized. Ceiling and Floor Channels and Wall Starts can come in raw steel, powder coated or blackened.